Curious about how our recovery centre can guide you to a happier life where you are in control?

At Rustenburg, we understand your needs and do not judge, we’ve been there too. We know that you want to be happy and in control. The problem is you just can’t seem to get there on your own and that’s why we are here to support and guide you to be a happier and more successful you at one of the most beautiful retreats in the Cape. The new you is one click away …

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Your Recovery Centre Breakdown:

Anxiety Clinic

We understand what it means to be consumed by anxiety, to the point where you can’t function anymore. We also know what it feels like to conquer it so that life can go on in a normal way, happy and in control. Book a free consultation so that we can explain how we transform the anxious you into the new you. Be anxiety-free with one click, do it now!

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Depression Clinic

We know how crippled you feel by your depression, we understand. You just can’t seem to be “normal” and happy like many people you know. You feel alone. Don’t worry, we can teach you how to manage your depression so that you will have happy days like everyone else. Your depression solution is one click away, book a free consultation now.

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Relationship Counselling

It’s ok to feel anxious or even embarrassed, we all dream of “happy ever after”. Being in a relationship is one of the happiest parts of life but the problem is it may also be the most painful when there is a disconnect. We are here to help you reconnect and transform your relationship into what it is meant to be: happy, intimate, and growing.

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Your Location:

Luxury Accommodation

Rustenburg Clinic is made up of five separate buildings set between rolling green lawns, invoking a campus-like atmosphere. We believe a holiday-retreat-like environment relaxes you to the point where we make real progress.

Beautiful Grounds

Tucked away in the beautiful Cape nature just outside Somerset West, at the foot of the Helderberg: Breathtaking mountain vistas and rolling green lawns with frolicking zebras await you. Be one with nature.

Stay Connected

Stay connected to the outside world through WIFI and your electronic devices. All electronic devices are permitted. This is a retreat and we want to enjoy all the comforts you would normally at home. We offer a home away from home.

5 Star Cuisine

During your transformation, you will be sustained by nutritionally dense and delicious meals prepared by our in-house professional chefs. Your meals will be something to look forward to. We cater to your specific dietry requirements

Recreation Time

Somerset Mall, well-known, for its high-calibre shopping experience, is just 10 minutes drive away. We offer weekly shuttles to the mall so that you can buy whatever you need. The clinic offers country gardens, a swimming pool, and a fully equipped gym to stay fit.

World Class Therapy

Dr Meyer and our team are all highly trained and offer the best recovery programmes out there. Enjoy one-on-one or even group therapy sessions as you prefer. We cater for you on your personal basis and offer whichever you prefer.

Three Steps To The New You:

Contact Us

The beginning of any journey starts with the first step. The first step is to click on our “Book A Free Consultation” button and send us your details for a free call back so that we can get to know you and answer questions you may have regarding your eminent transformation in the person you deserve to be. If nothing changes, nothing changes!

Free Phone Consultation

We offer a free initial phone call consultation to get to know you better and for you to have an idea about how friendly, understanding, and non-judgemental we are. We want you to feel at home at our retreat and in our phone call consultation, we listen to any specific needs you may have and answer any of your questions.

You Arrive At Our Retreat

We welcome you with open arms, understanding, and the tools you need to transform into the person you deserve to be. Enjoy one of the most beautiful backdrops possible to your transformation. Kind therapists, luxury accommodation, beautiful mountain vistas, and green gardens await you. Imagine a holiday that transforms you!

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Begin The Journey To Conquering Anxiety

Begin the journey to a happier you, today. We offer this course completely free and send it conveniently to your email. Take a few moments a day and read our seven-step guide to the NEW you: happy and in control!


I couldn’t manage daily life in the end and I thought there was no hope for me. Luckily, Rustenburg Clinic was recommended to me! Now, I live a life where I am in control and the happiest that I have ever been!.


I am so grateful to the team at Rustenburg Clinic for giving me the tools that I needed to get a grip on my life again. From the wonderful location to the understanding people who work there, top-notch!


Meet Dr. Roger Meyer

“I’m here to help you become the new you. I have helped thousands of people, just like you, over two decades, to live the happy lives they deserve!

Dr. Meyer is a medical doctor by training but he has worked exclusively in the field of recovery treatment for more than 20 years. He is well respected in his field, regarded by many as an authority on the management of recovery, anxiety, and depression-related challenges, the world over!